Fisher Price has released 3 Free Apps that your baby will enjoy.  They are entertaining and at the same time educational.  The Fisher Price  Laugh and Learn Series has three apps that you can download.:  Where’s the Puppy’s Nose, Let’s Count Animals, and Animal Sounds for Babies.

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Where’s the Puppy’s Nose teaches the babies the different body parts like the nose, eyes, hands and feet.  It features the puppy and the kitten who will point to these body parts.  They will sing and dance at the end of each exercise.  The song doesn’t show the lyrics but you can easily follow along.  View in iTunes.


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Let’s Count Animals introduces the babies to counting from 1 to 10.  There are colorful and lively animals for every number.  The app just follow the sequence from 1-10 and cannot be configured.  It doesn’t come with a quiz to test your babies skills on numbers. View in iTunes.

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Animal Sounds  contains a collection of seven animals.  This is so far Gab’s favorite.  There are two levels.   In level one, animals are introduced one at a time.   In level two, four animals appear on the screen at a time. Baby can tap a specific animal to choose the learning content.  View in iTunes.

It lacks some features to make it more educational like quizzes and scores but the graphics, colors and the music makes this app very useful and entertaining for starters.  And best of all, it’s for FREE.

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Daddy Rating = 4 of 5

Daddy Rating 4 of 5




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