I was about to buy additional shares for my BPI Mutual Fund.  The Philippine Stock Index Fund (PSIF) is so far the best performing in my portfolio.  Since the PSE Index has been hitting record highs, it just follows that the PSIF is going up so well.

However, I was surprised to know that I can no longer purchase additional shares for the PSIF. I thought it was just a glitch from the online form. After several tries, the PSIF was really not an option.  So I subscribed to the ALFM Growth Fund instead.  It is just as good as the PSIF anyway.

Later, I found out that the PSIF and the ALFM Money Market Fund are temporarily closed.  Below if the official statement from BPI.

ALFM Investing Quote

PSIF and ALFM Money Market Fund are temporarily closed for new and additional subscriptions

Notice: The Philippine Stock Index Fund (PSIF) and the ALFM Money Market Fund are temporarily closed for new and additional subscriptions since both funds have already reached their respective Authorized Capital Stocks (ACS). This means that the funds do not have enough shares to offer to the investing public. To address this, applications for new and additional shares have been filed with the SEC and the approval processes are being expedited. In the meantime, investors may consider investing in the BPI UITF equity funds, BPI Short Term Fund, and the BPI Odyssey Peso Cash Management Fund. An announcement shall be made as soon as the temporary closure will be lifted and subscriptions to the PSIF and ALFM Money Market will again be accepted.

They ran out of shares to offer.  That is why they have to close and apply for new and additional shares to sell.  It just shows how many investors are putting their money on aggressive portfolios.  With the the positive outlook on the Philippines economy and the investment grade rating, many investor are betting on high risk investments to gain high yields.

I share the same positive outlook for the year and probably for 2-3 more years as some analysts say.  So I really hope BPI does expedite those funds because I’m joining the ride.





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  1. janakidiary says:

    Hi I have been a visitor of Takbo.ph for a long time but only got to visit this site today (such a lazy blogger :() Anyway, I’m so interested in stocks but really don’t know how to start. Right now, I’m contemplating on going to COL/Citisec to help me out on this.

    • jgavan101 says:

      I have not tried trading in individual stocks yet using COL. But might try it soon using BPITrade instead. Still trying to learn how to pick good stocks. 😀

  2. Marvin says:

    i feel you manokan, been hoping they would open up again soon :-) Odysseys are not on a high even, any suggestion which among the available UITF or Mutual Fund is worth taking for now? thanks man!

    • jgavan101 says:

      I still prefer the PSE Index Fund. Very aggressive though but has been good because the index has been good. The ALFM Growth Fund is the next choice since it is not too depended on the index but has good gains as of today.

  3. bendib1 says:

    was in the same situation as you. wanted to subscribe more PSIF then ALFM Growth instead but both has been temporarily suspended since I think 1st week of May. maybe its good timing because the stock market took the big correction in June and I think now should be back to buying time. then I discovered today that BPI actually has another product equivalent to PSIF called BPI Equity Index fund. its a UTIF so you cant subscribe online unless you already have a UITF account. the PSIF and ALFM Growth are both MF, not UITF.

    • jgavan101 says:

      You are right. In a way it was good timing that I was not able to buy. But it dipped to a point where it was attractive to buy shares again. Unfortunately, it was still closed. I also have a UITF but it is not performing very well.

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