When we reached Tagaytay last weekend, they asked where we can stop for some quick food.  I immediately suggested Mushroom Burger.  Everyone agreed and had some good food.

Mushroom Burger is located along Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay.  If you coming from Manila, it will be about 2 kilometers further from the Rotunda.

As the name implies, they sell burgers made from mushrooms.  But it is not 100% mushroom based.  It has beef on it as well.  If you wish for the 100% mushroom, you can order the 100% Mushroom Burger.

Mushroom Burger Menu Tagaytay

Mushroom Burger Menu.  Click on the image for a larger view.

They have several burger to choose from.  A Pinoy, Regular, Royal and the King.  Prices range from 30 Pesos for the Pinoy Burger and 94 for the double patty Mushroom Burger King.

Other options in the menu are spaghetti, Lomi or Mami and Pancit Canton.

They are also selling some rice toppings like Adobo, Mushroom Beef, Longganisa and Tapa.

Mushroom Burger Tagaytay

We ordered for the Mushroom Burger King, Spaghetti, Sago’t Gulaman and Sweet Mushroom.

Mushroom Burgers tastes great.  They tastes just like a regular burger.  Maybe because they do contain beef.  So it’s a bit healthy but not entirely healthy since there is still meat in it.  Vegetarians can go for the 100% Mushroom Burger instead.

Gab at Mushroom Burger in Tagaytay

Gab hurriedly opens the  Mushroom Burger King.  94 Php.

What I notice to be new and unique at Mushroom Burger menu list is the new dessert they are offering.  The Sweet Mushroom.  It wasn’t there the last time I ate here.  I ordered one out of curiosity.

Sweet Mushroom

Sweet Mushroom, 25 Php.

The Sweet Mushroom taste like sago’t gulaman.  Very similar taste and they might be using the same syrup.  But instead of sago and gulaman, they are using mushroom.  The texture is just similar.  The mushroom is translucent like sago.  Makes me wonder that type of mushroom they are using here.  It’s cheaper than sago’t gulaman and comes in a generous serving.

Sweet Mushroom Burger

I wonder what type of mushroom is used here.

If you are staying at Tagaytay, try eating at Mushroom Burger.  It is located a few kilometers after the Rotunda.  It’s a new way of enjoying burger and a healthier option as well.

Mushroom Burger, Tagaytay
Along Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City
(046) 413-1330

Mushroom Burger has 2 branches Quezon City.  Mushroom Burger in West Avenue and Mushroom Burger in Katipunan.  Get the directions at the Mushroom Burger Website.




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